Magic Formula For Business Success

I am ready to share what has grown to become my magic formula for business success. I really wanted to share this quick blog post to breakdown the only three things you need to do consistently to succeed.  I am dating myself here but I have been an entrepreneur for two decades now and if I can make it simpler for you, that’s exactly what I aim to do.

What if I told you that there is actually a Magic Formula For Business Success?

What if I told you that if you did just 3 things every day I could guarantee your success?

What if I said that without even knowing you or knowing anything about you that if you did these three things consistently, I would literally bet my house that you would succeed?

Would you do them?

Could you commit to them?

Can you make it your #1 priority?

I like to use the example of the Academy Awards – since I have worked with many of Hollywood’s elite. An actor wins an oscar and the film that they won best actor for is pretty much the only movie that you have ever seen them in. You ask your friend how did they do that? It’s like they came out of nowhere and just won an oscar, how is that fair? But when you take a step back and look at the whole picture you will find that they were in dance at age 2, acting lessons at 4, homeschooled through elementary so they could be free to audition 3 times a day. With their dedicated “stage mom” they had 50 small parts from walk on roles to national commercials all before they were old enough to vote.

Trust me, this actor from nowhere had long ago dedicated themselves to their craft and had the support of parents and family to get there. What did they do different? THEY DIDN’T GIVE UP! No matter how intense harsh or horrible the rejection they didn’t falter.

No matter what you want or dream to do in business there are 3 major keys to your business success. This is the simple magic formula to business success and when you realize what they are it’s going to seem rather simple. I am not kidding though when I share this secret it is a formula for success. This is the only thing that sets the winners apart from everyone else wanting to reach their goal or hit it BIG! Are you ready ? Because I am ready to share my Magic Formula For Business Success with you.

#1 Know Your Goal

know your goal, now I know you are thinking this seems pretty obvious right? But It’s important to make sure you are setting the right kind of SMART goals. Write it down, make it real. Set up your own accountability when you learn how to set goals properly you will start feeling like your goals are obtainable. A goal is not just stating what you want. A goal is following specific steps to obtain your goal in a realistic and obtainable manner. ( Get the step by stap SMART goal guide in our SMART goals course )

#2 Work Everyday

Make sure you are working towards your goal every day! Now, I am not saying if you are juggling 2 toddlers and a full time job you need to dedicate 8 hours a day to pursuing your dream. I am saying that everyday make progress. This is easier than you think!  If you have more time, dedicate more time but if you are struggling everyday to just get by and  you are wondering how you will ever work on your dream just make progress. This means everything counts! Examples of progress include sending 1 pitch, create 1 ad, post to facebook, engage with 10 people on instagram, write a blog post outline,work on your business plan, crunch some numbers. Do whatever you need to so you can check this box everyday! ( Learn great daily habits in our FREE 5 day business builder challange )

#3 Never Give Up

Never give up! You will have days you don’t believe in what you are doing. You will without a doubt sometimes feel alone.You will question yourself and let’s face it you will WANT TO QUIT.  If you set your SMART goals you will know you are on the right path. You will have to do the hardest thing possible every day and that not listen to the inner critic. not believe the voices that are convincing you that the life you dream is not for you.  The third step in the magic formula for success  is without a doubt the hardest part. Please, let me just be real with you for a minute, this could take months, this could take years and I mean YEARS 2 – 5 years possibly. When you look statistically at business if you are gaining traction before the 2.5 year mark you are doing well. I am not kidding! I want to be honest with you depending on your business. If you are profitable before two years overall you are doing well. if you are not, you should not quit but consider hiring a professional business coach or a mentor to help you with your pivot.


If you don’t, I guarantee you will win!

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