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What Is Your Hashtag Strategy?

hello, today we are going to focus on What is your hashtag strategy for your business.  Social media can be a total pain to learn and better yet – how to use it strategically for your business can really make your brain swell – if you know what I mean. OKAY, all my social media mavens Guess what, HASHTAGS ARE NOT DEAD!

Just when you think you’ve mastered your social media plan the algorithms change or worse yet the whole platform! Twitter forged the way for the hashtag nation and they are moving on up every day in bigger and better ways. Instagram is still where it’s at and hashtags can in fact help monetize your business. Listen Facebook and even Google plus is slowly warming up to the idea so why not start your plan to take over the Hashtags universe. So this is in fact the time to ask yourself, What is my HASHTAG Strategy?

I know you are thinking, Gemma, just tell me how to get my posts shared – Well  Instagram’s new algorithm is pretty basic and easy to follow basically the posts with the most engagement show higher in your follower’s feeds. Wait, what is engagement? (This is when people like and comment on you posts and an important tip is that you ideally want people to comment using 4 or more words.)

Remember as a rule with the current algorithm less than 10% of your followers will organically see your posts. This is why sometimes you’ll see posts that are not in chronologically in order. Okay so how do I get my images a high amount of engagement? Well its easier said than done but you can do it and a sure fire way is to use HASHTAGS!

First, Post valuable content that people can relate to and find helpful Second,  Use hashtags to get those posts found!

I’m going to share with you how to properly use hashtags to ensure you’re engaging the right audience at the right time and ideally turn them into customers, clients, and fans. Using these easy tips.

 Hashtag Strategy that you have to incorporate now

  1. DON’T be hashtag crazy – okay maybe once in awhile but not every post

Just because you’re allowed to use up to 30 hashtags, doesn’t mean you need to. Using the tips we’ve covered, you’ll probably find that you don’t need to use all 30 for each post.

  1. Choose Popular, but not too popular hashtags

Okay so ideally when the hashtag is used throughout Instagram every few seconds, your post will likely get lost in the shuffle and won’t attract any new followers. So look for that perfect place between popular but not saturated.

  1. Be Relevant to your post

Ideally your hashtag should always be directly related to the photo and topic of your post. Absolutely no one likes going to @cake only to find pictures of what should have been #goldendoodle

  1. Google Guidance

Ask yourself what are people looking for? Would someone search for my hashtag? It’s totally okay to use popular Google tags and search words as hashtags?

I like to treat my hashtags like keywords for a google search

  1. Keep it in the comments

Gone are the days of hashtag descriptions! Keep your well planned and crafted descriptions to themselves and let those hashtags loose in the comments. So after you post, comment your hashtags into the first comment for that post. Use this Hashtag Strategy every time you post.

  1. Organize the lists

I love to keep 4 lists in my notes on my phone – I have my hashtags ready to for posting and separated into lists for specific styles of post example I post a quote I have a specific list of tried and true hashtags for motivational quotes Just copy and paste.

  1. Keep is easy

No one will ever use a 25 character Hashtag! EVER! They are funny for your friends to read but the won’t help you gain followers or monetize your business so keep it short and sweet always Cap out the first letter of each word so you do have a hashtag that looks like a run on sentence.

Okay so now that you have some ideas to incorporate into you #HASHTAG strategy – I can’t wait to see how you use them

This week’s Hashtag Strategy Homework  –  I KNOW I always give you homework but this one is super easy – get online do some keyword research and create 2 lists for your posts of 10 best suited hashtags post 5 times using your lists and then catch up with us on Facebook and let us know how it improved your engagement and following.

If you’re still not sure which keywords you should be using for your Hashtag Strategy ? Talk to one of our digital marketing experts to help you identify what your best revenue driving hashtags would be for your business and industry or book a mentoring session with myself, Tanya or Anthony for a complete strategy plan.

Happy Tid Bit Tuesday!

I wish you all the success Love you and can’t wait to share next week.

Gemma Touchstone