Creating Your Ultimate Hashtag Strategy

Creating Your Ultimate Hashtag Strategy

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What Is Your Hashtag Strategy?

hello, today we are going to focus on What is your hashtag strategy for your business.  Social media can be a total pain to learn and better yet – how to use it strategically for your business can really make your brain swell – if you know what I mean. OKAY, all my social media mavens Guess what, HASHTAGS ARE NOT DEAD!

Just when you think you’ve mastered your social media plan the algorithms change or worse yet the whole platform! Twitter forged the way for the hashtag nation and they are moving on up every day in bigger and better ways. Instagram is still where it’s at and hashtags can in fact help monetize your business. Listen Facebook and even Google plus is slowly warming up to the idea so why not start your plan to take over the Hashtags universe. So this is in fact the time to ask yourself, What is my HASHTAG Strategy?

I know you are thinking, Gemma, just tell me how to get my posts shared – Well  Instagram’s new algorithm is pretty basic and easy to follow basically the posts with the most engagement show higher in your follower’s feeds. Wait, what is engagement? (This is when people like and comment on you posts and an important tip is that you ideally want people to comment using 4 or more words.)

Remember as a rule with the current algorithm less than 10% of your followers will organically see your posts. This is why sometimes you’ll see posts that are not in chronologically in order. Okay so how do I get my images a high amount of engagement? Well its easier said than done but you can do it and a sure fire way is to use HASHTAGS!

First, Post valuable content that people can relate to and find helpful Second,  Use hashtags to get those posts found!

I’m going to share with you how to properly use hashtags to ensure you’re engaging the right audience at the right time and ideally turn them into customers, clients, and fans. Using these easy tips.

 Hashtag Strategy that you have to incorporate now

  1. DON’T be hashtag crazy – okay maybe once in awhile but not every post

Just because you’re allowed to use up to 30 hashtags, doesn’t mean you need to. Using the tips we’ve covered, you’ll probably find that you don’t need to use all 30 for each post.

  1. Choose Popular, but not too popular hashtags

Okay so ideally when the hashtag is used throughout Instagram every few seconds, your post will likely get lost in the shuffle and won’t attract any new followers. So look for that perfect place between popular but not saturated.

  1. Be Relevant to your post

Ideally your hashtag should always be directly related to the photo and topic of your post. Absolutely no one likes going to @cake only to find pictures of what should have been #goldendoodle

  1. Google Guidance

Ask yourself what are people looking for? Would someone search for my hashtag? It’s totally okay to use popular Google tags and search words as hashtags?

I like to treat my hashtags like keywords for a google search

  1. Keep it in the comments

Gone are the days of hashtag descriptions! Keep your well planned and crafted descriptions to themselves and let those hashtags loose in the comments. So after you post, comment your hashtags into the first comment for that post. Use this Hashtag Strategy every time you post.

  1. Organize the lists

I love to keep 4 lists in my notes on my phone – I have my hashtags ready to for posting and separated into lists for specific styles of post example I post a quote I have a specific list of tried and true hashtags for motivational quotes Just copy and paste.

  1. Keep is easy

No one will ever use a 25 character Hashtag! EVER! They are funny for your friends to read but the won’t help you gain followers or monetize your business so keep it short and sweet always Cap out the first letter of each word so you do have a hashtag that looks like a run on sentence.

Okay so now that you have some ideas to incorporate into you #HASHTAG strategy – I can’t wait to see how you use them

This week’s Hashtag Strategy Homework  –  I KNOW I always give you homework but this one is super easy – get online do some keyword research and create 2 lists for your posts of 10 best suited hashtags post 5 times using your lists and then catch up with us on Facebook and let us know how it improved your engagement and following.

If you’re still not sure which keywords you should be using for your Hashtag Strategy ? Talk to one of our digital marketing experts to help you identify what your best revenue driving hashtags would be for your business and industry or book a mentoring session with myself, Tanya or Anthony for a complete strategy plan.

Happy Tid Bit Tuesday!

I wish you all the success Love you and can’t wait to share next week.

Gemma Touchstone


Best Facebook Groups for Entrepreneurs

Best Facebook Groups for Entrepreneurs

Best Facebook Groups Entrepreneurs

The First Best Facebook Groups for Entrepreneurs was Founded By Gemma Heart in 2017.

The inspiHER Academy’s mission is to use over 2 decades in business, MBA from UCI her hear consultant holds Tanya San Miguiel  and share them with startups and digital internet based entrepreneurs worldwide.

They want to help women avoid the pitfalls  and loneliness of venturing into entrepreneurship alone .

The goal is to teach that no matter where you are starting you can succeed with the right tools and the knowledge you need.

We are meant to serve as a community and guidebook with the answers for all the things no one tells you in the beginning and help you navigate your journey into success While motivating you along the way.

Gemma’s motto for the academy is your success is our success. The belief  is driven by helping clients step into the life they were meant for.

As a young adult Gemma saw her single mother suffer through diabetes and cancer and pass away when she was 21. At the age of 31 she lost her husband and was widowed with 2 small children. Now just years later she has created a seven figure company and assisted many brands reach over a million in revenue.

Tanya San Miguel came to the USA from Russia in 1996 and became a citizen in 1998 knowing no english she studied diligently and went on to earn her Masters in Business from UCI. Now married with 2 boys she she has worked as a national bi lingual PMP sinor project manager befor focusing full tiem on helping other women buld business with a solid foundation for success.

Gemma shares this part of thier story because if you have Grit you have what it takes Gemma believes anyone no matter the circumstance can make a dream come true with the right guidance. That every woman deserves a chance to learn how to provide for herself and her family and to create a life that allows precious time with the people that are dear to our hearts. Do it with heart is not just the saying at the academy HQ it’s a way of life and the reason for everything.

Gemma is an early adopter of internet marketing and has built and sold multiple business through the magic of the internet.

Gemma is a business consultant and resilience expert. She has spent the last year traveling the country sharing her secrets and knowledge about creating successful business and learning how to get the most out of life.

After meeting so many amazing women with incredible ideas she decided to develop the inspiHER academy to help women everywhere to get coaching and training affordably so they can develop the much needed skills to pursue their dreams both personally and professionally.

The Facebook group is new to the site but FREE to join and her inspiHER Academy is $49.00 a month and includes a ton of information from standard resources and courses that are always available at your fingertips and she sends out new courses every month along with 1 on 1 calls, Facebook Q&A, Free Stock photos from The Creative Stock club, 1 our quick class webinars and more…

The seconed Best Facebook Groups Entrepreneurs is The Business Boutique is an amazing online resorse for business owners and was developed and run by Christy Wright. Let us tell you about Christy Wright, she is a versatile and sought-after speaker who connects with audiences in a way few people can. As a Ramsey Personality and Certified Business Coach, she travels the country educating and entertaining people at national business conferences as well as Fortune 500 companies, and she has addressed students and faculty alike at some of the country’s top universities.

Christy’s experience as an entrepreneur and leader allows her to connect with women and give them practical advice and solutions for their personal and professional development. She has touched the lives of thousands with her inspiring and thought- provoking messages on topics including life balance, leadership and goal setting.

Christy holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Tennessee. She and her husband, Matt, live in Brentwood, Tennessee, with their sons, Carter and Conley.

Are you ready for the most amazing Stock Photos on the internet ?

The third Best Facebook Groups Entrepreneurs is This club. It’s is amazing for small business and digital creatives. They charge $39.00 per month and you get access to 60 high res 300 DPI pictures for use in print or digital media.  THAT IS A DEAL!

You can really get creative with that kind of almost free artwork. I also love that they will randomly send out emails with freebies.  Monthly bundles with 60 pictures per month including portrait and landscape styles of super creative pics will cost you only $39.00 a month.

The creative photography stock club is still building their inventory through the rest of 2017  and the price will be $75.00 per month in 2018. The good news is when you join now, beofre the end of the year you will be grandfathered in at the introductory rate.

Another cool tip about this particular stock photography club is each photo is limited edition. This means every photo they offer is limited to 500 downloads.  I thought that was super cool like they thought of everything.

So if you are sick of the same old stock photography all over the internet.  Now there’s a place to get truly affordable stock photos that are beautiful, functional, and totally worthy of your business.

TIP: If you dont sign up make sure to get on the e-mail list so you can get the monthly freebies in the newsletter.

The forth Best Facebook Groups Entrepreneurs is The BFF Group was founded by Melyssa Griffin and she is OBSESSED with teaching online entrepreneurs and bloggers how to make their passions profitable (and popular)!

How did this become her life?

Well, in 2013, she was working as an expat in Tokyo, Japan. Living abroad was a beautiful adventure, but teaching English often left her feeling underutilized, under-paid, and creatively stifled. She was alone, isolated, and truly, kinda miserable.

Cue the tiny violins.

So, she started her blog (formally called The Nectar Collective) as a simple creative outlet, in hopes of starting an online community. She had no ambitions of making it my full-time job. Heck, she wasn’t even aware it COULD be a full-time job.

But the blog rapidly became her after-work obsession.

Between her strong passion and ridiculous commitment to trying new strategies and ideas, her site took off. Eventually she launched a graphic design studio through the blog, and three months later, she was doing it full time.

she quit her job as a classroom teacher, moved back to California, and hustled her blog and graphic design business nonstop, earning that coveted “six figures” during her second year in biz (and this is coming from someone with NO business experience previously).

Since then, the graphic design business has closed up shop because she moved on to online education — teaching aspiring entrepreneurs how to start and grow their own business.

And soon after…her business EXPLODED.

Within three years of launching her hobby blog, she was earning $1 million dollars per year through her blog and e-courses ( she likes to be transparent about money — you can even check out her Income Reports here).

Crazy, right?

And now she wants to help you build your own, profitable online business, too.

The Story of The Rising Tide Society

The fith Best Facebook Groups Entrepreneurs is The rising tide society – What began as a conversation with dear friends over wine about the loneliness that entrepreneurship can bring has transformed into an international movement for creative entrepreneurs and small business owners built on a foundation of community over competition. The Rising Tide Society began simply as a dream, and quickly grew to a community of creatives from all backgrounds and industries uniting for one reason. A movement dedicated to the people it serves, Rising Tide Society focuses on building community locally and transforming not only the creative industry, but also the world.

In May of 2015, the Rising Tide Society hosted its first set of TuesdaysTogether gatherings in twelve cities across the nation. Coffee shops and wineries filled with small business owners seeking a new mindset in the creative landscape—one built on relationships. Creatives who typically spent day after day sitting at their desks with only the hum of the computer and their third cup of coffee to keep them company now had the opportunity to engage in community within their own towns. In less and a month, applications from creatives began flooding in. Seeing a need within their communities, everyone from photographers to boutique owners, bakers to artists began transforming the mindset within their cities from one of competition, to community.

One by one we added gatherings in cities from the Northwest to the Deep South, and even internationally. As Rising Tide Society and the concept of “Community Over Competition” was welcomed with open arms, we had the opportunity to merge with HoneyBook to build an intentional creative community worldwide.

In addition to hosting local TuesdaysTogether meet-ups, the Rising Tide Society is dedicated to providing affordable and accessible education for small business owners. With blog content from thought-leaders throughout the creative industry, free educational webinars and multiple online Rising Tide Society Summits, education is a priority within our community.

Likewise, our Rising Tide Society community is only as strong as the communities around us, so we dedicate ourselves to supporting non-profits and organizations we are passionate about.

The sixth Best Facebook Groups Entrepreneurs This Facebook was started by Caitlin Bacher and she has got a really good story to tell…

…but there’s no way she’s spilling it here.

If you want to learn how she went from a bored Stay At Home Mom to serving hundreds of clients and thousands of students in LESS THAN A YEAR….

…you’re going to have to subscribe to her email list or join her facebook group.

Yes, Facebook groups are a part of her story.

No, she won’t force you to buy anything.

Click here to get “The Facebook Group Host Roadmap” and learn how she became “kind of a badass” in her life and business.

Magic Formula For Business Success

Magic Formula For Business Success

Magic Formula For Business Success

I am ready to share what has grown to become my magic formula for business success. I really wanted to share this quick blog post to breakdown the only three things you need to do consistently to succeed.  I am dating myself here but I have been an entrepreneur for two decades now and if I can make it simpler for you, that’s exactly what I aim to do.

What if I told you that there is actually a Magic Formula For Business Success?

What if I told you that if you did just 3 things every day I could guarantee your success?

What if I said that without even knowing you or knowing anything about you that if you did these three things consistently, I would literally bet my house that you would succeed?

Would you do them?

Could you commit to them?

Can you make it your #1 priority?

I like to use the example of the Academy Awards – since I have worked with many of Hollywood’s elite. An actor wins an oscar and the film that they won best actor for is pretty much the only movie that you have ever seen them in. You ask your friend how did they do that? It’s like they came out of nowhere and just won an oscar, how is that fair? But when you take a step back and look at the whole picture you will find that they were in dance at age 2, acting lessons at 4, homeschooled through elementary so they could be free to audition 3 times a day. With their dedicated “stage mom” they had 50 small parts from walk on roles to national commercials all before they were old enough to vote.

Trust me, this actor from nowhere had long ago dedicated themselves to their craft and had the support of parents and family to get there. What did they do different? THEY DIDN’T GIVE UP! No matter how intense harsh or horrible the rejection they didn’t falter.

No matter what you want or dream to do in business there are 3 major keys to your business success. This is the simple magic formula to business success and when you realize what they are it’s going to seem rather simple. I am not kidding though when I share this secret it is a formula for success. This is the only thing that sets the winners apart from everyone else wanting to reach their goal or hit it BIG! Are you ready ? Because I am ready to share my Magic Formula For Business Success with you.

#1 Know Your Goal

know your goal, now I know you are thinking this seems pretty obvious right? But It’s important to make sure you are setting the right kind of SMART goals. Write it down, make it real. Set up your own accountability when you learn how to set goals properly you will start feeling like your goals are obtainable. A goal is not just stating what you want. A goal is following specific steps to obtain your goal in a realistic and obtainable manner. ( Get the step by stap SMART goal guide in our SMART goals course )

#2 Work Everyday

Make sure you are working towards your goal every day! Now, I am not saying if you are juggling 2 toddlers and a full time job you need to dedicate 8 hours a day to pursuing your dream. I am saying that everyday make progress. This is easier than you think!  If you have more time, dedicate more time but if you are struggling everyday to just get by and  you are wondering how you will ever work on your dream just make progress. This means everything counts! Examples of progress include sending 1 pitch, create 1 ad, post to facebook, engage with 10 people on instagram, write a blog post outline,work on your business plan, crunch some numbers. Do whatever you need to so you can check this box everyday! ( Learn great daily habits in our FREE 5 day business builder challange )

#3 Never Give Up

Never give up! You will have days you don’t believe in what you are doing. You will without a doubt sometimes feel alone.You will question yourself and let’s face it you will WANT TO QUIT.  If you set your SMART goals you will know you are on the right path. You will have to do the hardest thing possible every day and that not listen to the inner critic. not believe the voices that are convincing you that the life you dream is not for you.  The third step in the magic formula for success  is without a doubt the hardest part. Please, let me just be real with you for a minute, this could take months, this could take years and I mean YEARS 2 – 5 years possibly. When you look statistically at business if you are gaining traction before the 2.5 year mark you are doing well. I am not kidding! I want to be honest with you depending on your business. If you are profitable before two years overall you are doing well. if you are not, you should not quit but consider hiring a professional business coach or a mentor to help you with your pivot.


If you don’t, I guarantee you will win!

( our Success Academy membership provides a place for community when you are having days that test you – you are never alone. )